Putterball iPhone game launched in App Store

Putterball With 10 levels of gameplay, 3 levels of difficulty (easy, normal, and INSANE!), and localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese, Putterball is a game that requires the iron will of Tiger Woods, the consistency of Ben Hogan, and the practised motion of Jack Nicklaus.

See how long you can keep bouncing a golf ball on your putter!

Putterball is an easy game to play, but a difficult game to master…

Tilt your iPod or iPhone to the left and right, or forward and back, to move your golf club. Try to keep the center of the club underneath the center of the ball, in order to keep it bouncing as long as possible.

Each level gets more difficult, and will do everything it can to distract you…so concentrate, but don’t give up!



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Jeffrey Berthiaume is a multimedia developer and internet architect who has designed and built award-winning websites, kiosks, and content management systems. He bridges the gap between creative and technology with an ability to balance the needs of designers and marketing with the capabilities of existing technology.
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