Generating iPhone promotional banner ads

I was looking for a different way to promote iPhone applications online (something a little more engaging than the “Available on the iPhone App Store” banner)…

Because I had been manually taking screen shots and compositing them into an iPhone frame, I decided to write a script to automatically do that — as well as resize them if I had a specific destination size.

This way, I only needed to upload images into the source directory, and then send a different filename into a path similar to:

<img src=”ipromo.php?img=putterball.jpg&w=425&h=600″ />

(I also had the script cache the files, so it didn’t have to regenerate them every time)

Here are some examples using common banner ad sizes:

125 x 125 Square button

125x125 banner

120 x 240 Vertical banner

120x240 banner

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle

300x250 banner

250 x 250 Square Pop-Up

250x250 banner

240 x 400 Vertical Rectangle

240x400 banner

336 x 280 Large Rectangle

336x280 banner

180 x 150 Rectangle


425×600 Extra Large Rectangle


425×500 Extra Large Rectangle


425×425 Extra Large Rectangle


You can download the full script here


About jeffrey

Jeffrey Berthiaume is a multimedia developer and internet architect who has designed and built award-winning websites, kiosks, and content management systems. He bridges the gap between creative and technology with an ability to balance the needs of designers and marketing with the capabilities of existing technology.
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