FAKE! You can tell it’s Photoshopped…

How often do you see comments saying an image has been

fake coffee mug

This was a silly idea, based on the “FRIST!!!11!!1one!” sort of comments on woot.com and geekologie.com.

If you set the “FAKE” coffee mug on the mousepad, everyone will be able to tell it’s fake…because the shadows are all wrong.

It kinda looks like the scene from the movie Never Back Down…okay, I’ll stop. You get the idea.

Click here to see the coffee mug and mousepad


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Jeffrey Berthiaume is a multimedia developer and internet architect who has designed and built award-winning websites, kiosks, and content management systems. He bridges the gap between creative and technology with an ability to balance the needs of designers and marketing with the capabilities of existing technology.
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